Zim 'Vampire' Killer Appears In Court

A man who has been dubbed Zimbabwe’s “vampire killer” because he claims he sucks blood from his victims, has appeared in court in the city of Masvingo.

Terrified police officers ran away from Alois Nduna, 26, when he was detained at a police station in Mvuma, central Zimbabwe last week, the official Chronicle  newspaper said on Monday.

Nduna has already confessed to raping, killing and draining blood from at least 12 women in central and southern Zimbabwe, although so far he only faces one murder charge.

Nduna said he was a Satanist and had been told by his church that the blood he sucked “will make him a stronger person”, t

Multiple identities

Recounting how he killed 26-year-old Beauty Hove on April 25, Nduna is reported to have told Masvingo magistrate Langton Ndokera: “I grabbed Hove and bit her on the neck after which I started sucking her blood until she lost consciousness.”

“She fell down and that’s when I stopped sucking her blood,” he said.

Police want to question Nduna – who allegedly uses multiple identities – over other murders in Masvingo, as well as in Hwange and Bulawayo.

Radio VOP reported last week that there was a sigh of relief among residents following Nduna’s arrest.

According to the report, residents in and around the Midlands province had spent sleepless nights while police launched an operation which led to the serial killer’s arrest.  

Nduna was nabbed from a local nightclub in Mvuma, the report said