Zim 'War Vets' Dump Human Remains On Governor

The ‘war vets’ led by self styled leader, Western Ezra, who is tthe provincial chairman, drove to the Governor’s office early Monday morning after a night-long ritual and exhumation process, laden with nine coffins. They demanded help in the form of fuel and cars from government in order to carry out the re-burial exercise.

However, the war veterans, who were also accompanied by spirit mediums, off-loaded the coffins and left them in the govenor’s office after he told them he had noting to offer.

This is not the first time the ‘war vets’ have clashed with the governor. In January they staged a sit-in protest in his office after he denied them land for their fund-raising projects.

“How can we take our comrades to their respective areas with our own resources? All the re-burial that we have done so far, it was from our pockets, now we are saying the government has to provide us with fuel and cars only, but Maluleke is refusing to attend to us. We are going for now but he will see what we will do to him,” Ezra told Radio VOP.

When the Radio VOP crew went to the Governo’r office to witness the incident for themselves, they saw skeletons in the coffins with name tags atttached.  The police later took the human remains.

However, provincial spokesperson, Inspector Tinaye Matake, said he was not aware that the police had taken the human remains.

Maluleke refused to entertain questions from Radio VOP and cut off his phone when he was telephoned for comment.

The reburial exercise has been going on in Masvingo with mass graves discovered in Nyajena, Gutu and Chivi. The war veterans also threatened to dig up Great Zimbabwe monuments before police had to be called to stop them.