Zim War Vets Say There Is No Room For Gay Rights

“You cannot change the direction of a struggle, but only improve the road. Do you think those who died for the liberation of the country died for gay
marriages?”, asked Jabulani Sibanda, leader of a faction of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Association.

“Imagine being a father receiving a letter from your son informing you that he will be bringing his husband home to meet you. It’s really shocking. But this is what other people are fighting for. We are not going to accept that. We will defend the revolution.”

“We want to come out in the open. We need to protect our country and we should understand the liberation of Africa. Until we understand who
we are, we will not succeed.”

Sibanda also said he was disturbed by businesses that were still using olonial names.

“Such names”, he said, “should be rid of as a matter of urgency because they remind us of the colonial era.”

Sibanda who was speaking at a meeting with war veterans and Zanu (PF) supporters at Moffat Hall, Sakubva in Mutare at the weekend, said: “I was in Mutasa and I was shocked to see a shop called London Store. London Store in Zimbabwe, I wonder? It is really a shock. We have to change all those names which remind us of the colonial era.”

He said such names were an “insult” to those who fought for the country’s independence.

Sibanda was in Manicaland as part of Zanu PF’s campaign to mobilise people for the constitution-making process.