Zim Youth Demand Younger Minister

For one to be cosidered a youth especially by Zanu (PF) they must be less than 35 years old under the current regulations.

It is not clear what other poltical parties say on the issue.

“We want a minister who represents us to be young and not old men as is currently the case,” the youth said in a document for the Constitutional and Parliamentary Committee (Copac).

“We feel that Minister Saviour Kasukuwere is too old to represent us and our views.”

The current minister, Saviour Kasukuwere is 41 years old.

Kasukuwere said he did not apply for the job but was appointed by President Robert Mugabe because he had won his Parliamentary seat against the MDC-T during the last election held in Zimbabwe.

Kasukuwere recently told Radio VOP that if “anybody wants to be a minister in government” they must first win a parliamentary seat and then be appointed by President Mugabe who has the “final say on all ministers appointed in his Cabinet”.

“We want a young minister to represent us,” the youth said in their document. “Old men/women do not represent our views and the constitution must come clean and say this.”