Zimbabwe Anglican Bishop Prays For Sanity In The Church

The open prayer session was held after months of a tense and sometimes violent struggle for control of the church between excommunicated Bishop Nolbert Kunonga and Bishop Chad Gandiya, appointed last year by the Church of the Province of Central Africa (CPCA) to run the Harare Anglican diocese.

Bishop Gandiya asked other Christians and churches to pray for sanity in the Anglican church dispute over church properties.

“Our salvation is in Jesus. Don’t tire to pray for our church. Ask for other churches to pray for Anglicans so that sanity is restored in the church,” said Bishop Gandiya during the delivery of his sermon.

Bishop Gandiya said it was sad that some of the church’s properties were being leased out to other churches.

He appealed to Anglicans to remand committed to God in the face of harassment.

“Go and work for God and show love even if we are being harassed. Let’s believe in Jesus Christ. Remain committed to the truth and follow Jesus he will save us,” he said.

The CPCA is the supreme authority of Anglican church in the region. But Kunonga, a known ZANU PF sympathizer has defied its orders to surrender church property, while Gandiya and his followers say the police have sided with the renegade bishop and assisted him to seize control of church prayer halls and buildings in violation of several court orders.