Zimbabwe Constitution Process Nonsensical – Madhuku

Madhuku said this while addressing journalists in the capital on Thursday where he lambasted politicians for exhibiting confusion and “power hungry” motives”.

“It is illegitimate as it is nonsensical that you cannot tell who has the power in the process. The Minister has no power over anything, COPAC has no power and what it does can be reversed by the management committee, what the committee does can be reversed by the principals, Mugabe in particular.”

“ What this means now is that this process is not people driven especially with news that the parties are making rallies coaching people what they want in the final draft. MDC has its draft that it wants to sell to the people while Zanu PF has the Kariba draft,” said Madhuku.

“The process has become illegitimate to qualify to be a process.”

Madhuku said that the bickering in the process once referred to the principals, Mugabe will have the last laugh as ‘he is the principals’.

“Government is under complete control of Mugabe. MDC must not be hoodwinked into believing that they are in this together”

“The appointment of commissioners to lead the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission and Human Rights commission spells out that Mugabe is in charge.  All the people who are leading the commissions were once appointed into different services by Mugabe. Mugabe knows more of the guys than Tsvangirai,” said Madhuku.

Simpson Mutambanengwe and Reg Austin were appointed to these commissions respectively.

Madhuku said he was establishing a strong movement to oppose the parliament led process. He also criticized donors for fuelling confusion by supporting this process denouncing the “democratic NCA idea”.

“The NCA was formed entirely to deny any process that is not people driven and surprisingly those who formed it are forwarding the agenda to make a political party-driven process”.

Madhuku also took a swipe at some donors who are financing the political party driven process saying they have become self appointed judges of the people’s struggle.

“They is a lot of nonsense in this process funded by donors,” said Madhuku.

Pius Wakatama who was present at the event confessed that he used to believe Madhuku was fighting a lone struggle until he came face to face with the confusion at the Rainbow Towers at an event that was supposed to be an all-stakeholders conference.

“I used to believe that Madhuku was crazy in opposing the process but after the confusion that I have seen, Madhuku was right,” said Wakatama.