Zimbabwe Deputy Prime Minister To Launch Cancer Foundation

The Makokoba legislator announced her plans to launch the foundation when she addressed children from nine Harare Schools who visited her on Wednesday at the Munhumutapa building which houses government offices.

“The cancer foundation is going to be very critical to me and my team. We will make sure that our women are checked. We will go to the villages where the women are and we will make sure that treatment is available here in Zimbabwe,” she told the girls.

“I have one breast but if I don’t tell you, you will not know,” Khuphe added. “But it does not bother me. Here I am standing in front of you. I am still the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Zimbabwe. Nothing has changed. It does not matter what disease you are suffering from. It is none of anyone’s business.”

She added: “Take your medication. Walk tall and you will be fine. You must have a positive attitude towards these illnesses.”

Khuphe urged the teenage girls to be wary of breast cancer because it was a silent killer.

“You are girls now you are growing up. Check your breasts. Once you feel something abnormal don’t waste time. Go straight to your doctor and be checked. As girls you must always go through self examination.”