Zimbabwe Faces High Levels Of Food Insecurity

An estimated 4, 1 million people in rural Zimbabwe will be food insecure at the peak of the hunger season between January and March 2017. Close to 40 million people across Southern Africa will be affected and Zimbabwe is one of the countries most affected. Its facing one of its worst drought in 25 years and that  is projected to affect close to 5.2 million people including 1.1 million urban dwellers during the first quarter of 2017.

Though mostly confined to the rural areas, a recent assessment carried out by development partners show that a huge urban population close to 1, 6 million people will also be food insecure this 2016. The UN and other agencies are continuing their efforts to minimize the effects.

UN’s Bishiw Parajuli says, “What we are continuing to do is to appeal to more donors to support and new donors to join to help Zimbabwe because this is one of the worst drought to hit Zimbabwe in 35 years and close to four to five million people are being affected.”

The Zimbabwe government has denied that food aid was being distributed on partisan lines, and said that all their investigations into those allegations have turned out negative.