Zimbabwe Get Easy Olympic Games Beach Volleyball Draw

The draw conducted Wednesday will see the Zimbabwean women’s team in Pool 2 against the likes of Morocco, Congo Brazzaville, and Ghana, while the men’s team is also in Pool 2 but will not face the same opposition. The men’s team will instead play Morocco, Gabon, Rwanda and Algeria.

The Africa zone 2012 London Olympic Games final qualifiers will be held in Morocco from October 9 to November 5. The qualifiers will determine which countries will represent Africa at the Olympic Games next year. Zimbabwe qualified for this round after overcoming teams from the southern region.

Coach Robert Njerere says they are confident of success at the Africa zone qualifiers and become the first ever Zimbabwe beach volleyball teams to qualify for the Olympic Games since Zimbabwe was admitted to international sport in 1980.

As part of their preparations, Njerere, says they will be travelling to South African for a series of friendly matches against the South Africans, who he says have proved that they have strong teams in this sporting discipline.

He adds that because of the current economic situation, it is also less expensive to play in South Africa, instead of travelling to far off countries.

Volleyball is one of the few Zimbabwean sporting teams that are still with a chance of qualifying for the international sporting festival. Most of the other sports have already been eliminated, the latest being the hockey team which have just fallen by the wayside at the ongoing final qualifiers which are going on at Magamba hockey field in Bulawayo.