Zimbabwe Government Slashes Passport Charges

The reduction of the passport charges comes after concerns that it was prohibitive to obtain a Zimbabwean ordinary passport from the office of the Register General.

Kembo Mohadi, one of the co-Home Affairs ministers, announced the reduction of the price for a passport at a press conference on Wednesday morning.

“Cabinet gave the Registrar General’s office a directive to review the price of passports because there was an outcry within the country that the passport was expense,’ said Mohadi.

“First the RG reduced it to US$140 but there were carrying out a further exercise to reduce the price. They have had their own problems with the Ministry of Finance, through Fidelity Printers, where they were getting the booklets but however cabinet yesterday (Tuesday)
approved that we review the price of passports downwards and it was decided to give a directive that from now the Zimbabwe passport should cost nothing more than US$50,” he said.

Mohadi said it was government policy that the charges for travel documents remained affordable, adding that the prices for other documents such as Temporary Travel Documents would be determined by the administration in the RG’s office.

“But we need to find a solution on how to get the booklet printed faster in order to cope with the huge numbers that we are likely to see as a result of the reduced price,” he said.

Before Wednesday announcement the price of passport ranged from US$140 to US$330.A document which came out after two weeks cost US$140, 3-days US$253, 24-hours US$316 and US$330 for people in the diaspora.

An emergency travel document cost US$60.