Zimbabwe Has The Most Expensive Breakfast: Mr. Vegas

Smith who arrived in the country on Thursday and staged a show Friday night was surprised with the $25 asking price for an English breakfast.

“Africa is not as affordable as you think. 25 dollars for breakfast in Zimbabwe…17 dollars in US,” Smith wrote on his twitter page.

But apart from the expensive breakfast he was quite happy to dig into Zimbabwean chicken and seeing well endowed Zimbabwean women.

“Just had some nice chicken and saw some big batty woman!!!!! Goodbye Ja, they say I can have 3 wives here,” he said.

“I think I work very hard to put food on the table with the help of God. I will now fly from Zimbabwe, South Africa, NY, then to Orlando & perform as soon as I get off my flat. I need love not drama in my life.”

Smith developed a passion for music at an early age.

Smith was born in Kingston. He was given the name Mr. Vegas by his childhood friends who thought he kicked the football like a Las Vegas dancer.

Throughout the years, Vegas continue to release well-crafted singles which have ensured his status as one of the most consistent and in-demand acts in the business.