Zimbabwe High School Girls Arrested Over Homosexuality

Homosexuality is illegal in Zimbabwe, and some individuals have been prosecuted and convicted for their sexual orientation, including former president Canaan Sodindo Banana. On the other hand, there are very active and very visible gay and lesbian organisations in Zimbabwe like the Gays and Lesbians Association of Zimbabwe (GALZ) that have created public debate on the issue.

The 15 girls from the school located in the city centre, also play soccer for a local women’s club called Carlton.

There were picked up by police  officers  from Bulawayo Central police on Friday last week  and were  detained  for  the  whole day  before  released  in their  parents’  custody.

“ There  are expected  to  appear  in court  anytime  this  week  as  investigation  are still  underway,” said  one  police  officer  who was part of the team that arrested   the girls.

The girls are also alleged to have been teaching other school girls homosexuality.

Evelyn High School Headmistress Rosemary Moyo confirmed the girls were arrested for homosexual activities.

“Police came to the school and picked up the girls. I phoned their parents and told them about the issue,” said Moyo.

President Robert Mugabe has in the past made frequent vitriolic attacks on homosexuality which he has described as foreign to African culture. He once described homosexuals as “worse than dogs and pigs”.

Recently President Mugabe told a gathering of the Apostolic Sect that it was better to engage in polygamy than in homosexuality.