Zimbabwe is Now A Tasty Investment Destination: Tsvangirai

“We have established necessary environment to grow the economy. We attach importance to foreign direct investment that’s why we are calling for investment into Zimbabwe ” said Tsvangirai.

Responding to when Harare is likely to hold a fresh round of polls Tsvangirai indicated that the period is informed by the Global Political Agreement (GPA).

“The election date is determined by process such as a new constitution. The constitution is clear ,it states that the President in consultation with the Prime Minister will set the date for elections. We cannot go for elections with an enabling environment” added Tsvangirai.

Professor Welshman Ncube responding on elections date  said, “We should have elections a time when we have completed the constitutional making process and when deliverables on the roadmap such as media reforms have been instituted”.

Ncube also called for new amendments such as proportional representations.
Finance Minister Tendai Biti also addressing the same press conference said Zimbabwe was now  conducive for investment as not a single property other land had been expropriated.

“There is no company that has pooled out of Zimbabwe due to company grabbing”, added Tendai Biti who is Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) secretary general.

On tenability of the Global Political Agreement Tsvangirai said, “The Government of National Unity is holding, it is discharging its mandate”.

However Tsvangirai admitted that “the inclusive government has been a frustrating experience” adding that no-one in Harare administration doubt the importance of the GNU.

The meeting which was attended by only MDC ministers raised serious questions on levels of polarisation. Tsvangirai was at pains justifying why not a single Zanu PF invited for the meeting turned up for the conference.

On media freedom Tsvangirai just like in the past stressed the importance of promoting media freedom. “We are going to amend the AIPPA and bring the freedom of information bill to the parliament”.