Zimbabwe Kickboxing Appoints Foreign Coach.

Jusila is coming to Zimbabwe following an agreement between the Finland Kickboxing Association and the Zimbabwe Kickboxing Association.

The Finish kickboxing Association is going to pay the coach’s salary as the local kickboxing association does not have enough funds to bankroll such a venture.

The president of the Zimbabwe Kickboxing Association Tony Kamangira says Jusila is expected to take up his post before the start of next year.

Jusila has been to Zimbabwe twice to participate in the inter-continental championship and only two weeks ago was in the country taking part in the same competition in which he won his category.

Kickboxing is one of the only few sporting disciplines in Zimbabwe that has managed to attract a foreign coach as most of them cannot afford a foreign coach due to lack of funds.

Kickboxing is one of the few who have managed either have the coaches on a government to government agreement or have foreign associations paying for the coaches services.

Kamangira says Jusila has been mandated to build a strong Zimbabwean team whose first assignment is to win the African championships next year where they aim to secure a berth to the world championships.

More importantly, says Kamangira, Jusila has also been tasked to come up with developmental programmes aimed at popularizing the sport thereby encouraging many to take up kickboxing which at the moment is a minority sport.

According to Kamangira their target is schools where kickboxing is Greek to many.