Zimbabwe Man Claims He Is Zuma's Son

According to the South African Saturday Star, Dudzai Nyamuramba of Wedza, says Zuma met his mother, Maggie Sandimunyonga, while in exile in Mozambique. His mother, he says, has since died.

Nyamuramba said he longed to meet his father. He was arrested last month for coming to South Africa illegally.  He arrived in South Africa in June last year.

Earlier this week, Nyamuramba went to the Westville police station in Durban seeking help to see Zuma.

“An officer at the police station said: ” I don’t think the Zuma family will easily allow him into their nest, but with the number of kids that Zuma has, I would’nt be surprised if he really is who he claims to be.”

Nyamuramba’s picture was published in the paper and placed next to Zuma’s. He wears spectacles like Zuma and also spots a bald head like the President’s.

Zuma has been in the news internationally of late for fathering a four month old baby with Sonono Khoza, the daughter of soccer supremo Irvin Khoza.
Zuma issued a public statement this week confirming the baby was his and that he was in a relationship with Sonono. He said he had paid the Khoza’s damages for fathering the baby.

Zuma has three official wives. He has married five times, with one divorce while one of his wives was said to have committed suicide a couple of years ago. He married his third wife last month at a traditional ceremony and was said to be engaged to another woman whom he also has a child with.

He is said to have 20 known children.

Zuma has defended his actions, that have been publicly condemned by most South Africans, saying he was able to look after his children and wives. He has also asked the media to leave him alone saying his wives and children are his private life.