Zimbabwe Media Commission Divided Over Mahoso

The controversial Mahoso, who is unpopular with most journalists in the country, has been appointed to the helm of ZMC but it is not clear if he has been placed there on a permanent basis or not.

But Radio VOP can reveal that during the ZMC board meeting last week, the commissioners were deeply divided over Mahoso’s position with half of them demanding the immediate removal of the former journalism lecturer at Harare Polytechnic with others saying he must stay.

“Mahoso’s appointment created a storm during the ZMC board meeting as some felt that his presence at ZMC compromises them as he is accused of closing down newspapers and refusing to register new ones. It was also felt that he was also arrogant even to the commissioners.

“The debate was so heated at some point I thought people would come to blows but in the end we decided to keep him temporarily because we had to move forward with licencing of newspapers. We compromised because the discussion around Mahoso was threatening to disturb our main agenda of registering newspapers.

“At least he has no say whatsoever on ZMC including licencing. He has been reduced to a mere clerk who just receives applications and the ZMC board decides. He has been rendered useless,” said a commissioner.

Radio VOP understands that commissioners sympathetic to Zanu (PF) were solidly behind Mahoso’s continued tenure at the ZMC arguing that they wanted continuity.

 During the ZMC press conference where the licencing of newspapers was announced, Mahoso came under attack from journalists who were demanding his immediate removal.

It is understood that Mahoso has been given a three months contract which will only be renewed if ZMC fails to get funding.

If the ZMC gets funding from treasury, sources say Mahoso will be shown the door to make way for a new boss. During the press conference, ZMC chairman Godfrey Majonga refused to give details of Mahoso’s appointment saying they do not discuss employment contracts with the press.

He however explained that Mahoso had no power at all to make any decision.