Zimbabwe Mobile Phone Firms Clash

In the High Court papers filed this week Econet claimed NetOne failed to pay for interconnection fees since January last year and accrued a huge debt of US$ 9 million. Econet and NetOne had an interconnection agreement that allowed traffic to flow between the networks of the two companies.

The interconnection allowed NetOne subscribers to call Econet subscribers and the other way round but each company had to pay connection fees to the other.

“Plaintiff (Econet) and the defendant (NetOne) entered into an inter-connection agreement in terms of which plaintiff provided to the defendant telecommunication services including voice traffic and leased circuits,”reads part of the court papers in the possession of RadioVOP.

“Charges for the period January 2009 to May 10 2010 are due and owing to the plaintiff by the defendant amount to $9, 334, 938, 85 which amount, despite demand, defendant refuses and neglects to pay,” Econet said in the court papers.

Econet is Zimbabwe’s leading mobile operator with over one million subscribers.

If the two mobile companies fail to resolve the matter and Econet disconnects NetOne, it means customers of both networks will not be able to communicate with each other.