Zimbabwe Must Concentrate On SMEs – Says US Ambassador

Responding to  questions from Radio VOP Ambassador Ray said while he was happy about the country’s economic progress , the country  still needed to boost the SME sector which had great potential.

 “Your government must concentrate on this sector which could boost the economy. This sector can provide much needed jobs since you have such a huge unemployment problem in Zimbabwe right now.”

He said the Global Political Agreement (GPA) must also be adhered to so that Zimbabwe’s economic and political progress improves.
“All parties to this must adhere to what they promised to do,” he said.

“I understand some issues are still outstanding but these must be solved for the country to move forward.”

Ambassador Ray said he did not believe in “Wikileaks” and, instead, said what he thought was right for the country.

“I tell it like it is,” he said in Harare.

“If things are on the record then people must no cry foul when they are quoted but when issues are off the record they must not be discussed in public as agreed by the parties involved.”

He said he was happy that Zimbabwe was now beginning to listen to SADC advice for economic and political progress.

“This will help the country,” Ambassador Ray said.

“We all wish Zimbabwe to succeed in everything it does. You must, however, concentrate on the SME sector to move forward.”