Zimbabwe Needs Mining Development Policy

Matyanga told Radio VOP that currently the country did not have a Mining Development Policy and this was “seriously affecting both progress and investment” especially from the international world.

“Zimbabwe has operated without a Mining Development Policy for too long,” Matyanga said.

“This document can help inform all stakeholders where the industry is going during the tenure of the policy document. It will also clarify government intentions and focus on mineral development for the benefit of the industry which had almost come to a standstill about two years ago.”

He said the government should also deal with the Mines and Mineral Amendments because they were scaring away potential investors who did not want to see their hard earned finance go down the drain.

“This will provide a greater sense of security to investors,” Matyanga said. “The management of mining titles will also be dealt with here. The amendments being proposed affect the management of mining titles.”

He said the law gives the conduct of business in the mineral sector.

“The government also needs to finalise the modalities of the Indigenisation and economic Empowerment Act,” he said. “There must be greater clarity on how this policy will be implemented because this also affects investment since decisions must be made quickly now.’

Matyanga said going forward government needs to help solve the electricity crisis facing the mining industry as time was being lost when there is no or insufficient electricity.

“The issue of electricity and that of liquidity need to be addressed urgently for us to go forward,” he told radio VOP.