Zimbabwe Newspapers Crowd One Printing Press

The papers, Daily News, Newsday, Mail and the weekly Financial Gazette, all based in Harare, have had to go through the daily hassles of queuing for a single printing press owned by Alpha Media Holdings
in order to print their copies. As a result, publishers of the papers have been forced to bring back their normal printing schedules in order to accommodate each other.

For example the Financial Gazette, which publishes on Thursdays, has been forced to bring its printing deadline to Tuesdays instead of the usual Wednesdays. The papers’ printing woes emerged after The Daily News printing press PrintCo broke down two weeks ago. This also plunged The Mail into a similar problem as it was also renting the same machine.

“In every case, Alpha Media, the owners of the printer have the advantage of printing their paper first before allowing other publications to print theirs,” said a manager at one of the papers on condition of anonymity.

“This is not good because these are competing papers and the situation allows these competitors papers to snoop into each others’ pages to see what they would be publishing.”