Zimbabwe only acts in response to a crisis.

By Tendai Ruben Mbofana
COVID-19 has made us suddenly realize the need to upgrade, and renovate our health institutions – which, the ruling elite had always shunned, preferring flying overseas, whilst abandoning the masses to a pitiful and needless death.
We now also manufacture our own sanitizers, PPEs, etc.
We even finally took the plight of the homeless and destitute seriously, by providing accommodation.
Christians similarly had an awakening that there was actually no need to attend church services, and that one could so easily study the Word of God with one’s family – or, on their own.
Additionally, one could have their prayers heard and answered by God, even when they prayed alone – and didn’t need the ‘man of God’.
In fact, some of these ‘men of God’ – who had fooled so many, over the years, with their faked and stage-managed numerous miracles – were finally exposed, as charlatans, due to their failure (and fear) to attend to COVID-19 patients.
Some Zimbabweans started appreciating that could teach their own children – and encourage them to attain so much knowledge and skills – more than any school was able to.
Whilst, still others had the pleasant surprise to discover that they still could rekindle that blazing love with their spouses after years of indifference.
Numerous more, reignited those valuable home-based skills that they had long relegated to the dustbins – even appreciating their potential community upliftment, and monetary benefits.
If that is the only way we get to take proactive action, then maybe we need more catastrophes.