Zimbabwe Police Scared To Turn in Chombo and Chiyangwa

Council also wants senior employees – Psychology Chiwanga director of urban planning services and Cosmas Zvikaramba the finance director– arrested for conniving with Chiyangwa and Chombo to steal council land.

Council through acting mayor, Charity Bango reported the matter to police at Harare Central Police Station and later to the serious fraud section at Ahmed House just across the road but since then officers have been refusing to act with councillors being referred from one office to the other.

On Thursday the Harare City Council wrote a letter of complaint to senior assistant commissioner Nyati, the officer commanding Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and urged him to quickly act on the investigations as they felt junior police officers had either been compromised by the wealthy Chombo and Chiyangwa or they were simply scared of the duo.

RadioVOP has obtained a copy of the letter to the top CID officer which was also copied to the police commissioner Augustine Chihuri and the co-ministers of home affairs Giles Mutsekwa and Kembo Mohadi.

“On the 12th of April 2010, I lodged a complaint fraud against Mr Phillip Chiyangwa,  Mr Psychology Chiwanga, and Mr Cosmas Zvikaramba in my capacity as the acting mayor of Harare. My report was received by Constable Zinyongo of Harare Central Police Station.

“After recording a statement from me, Constable Zinyongo issued me with the reference number of my report (IR040725) and indicated that he would refer my report to the relevant section of the police which deals with such issues as I had reported to him. I assumed that the relevant section was the fraud squad.

“On 14 April, I received a call from detective chief inspector Magocha of CID fraud squad. He indicated that he had received the initial report that I had lodged at Harare Central Police and that he required me to bring additional information pertaining to the cases I had reported,” reads part of the letter.

The letter adds that after detective chief inspector Magocha received the additional information he had requested, including a written complaint of fraud against Chombo, he was asked to report back to Harare Central where the acting mayor was referred back to frauds.

This infuriated council felt they were being taken for a ride and they resolved through the acting mayor to take up the issue with more senior police officers.

“I am concerned that this issue I reported to the police which is of a very serious nature is not being treated with the urgency and seriousness it deserves. As I have indicated, Detective Chief Inspector Magocha had, as of the 14 April 2010, taken the decision to record a statement from me.

‘’I am appealing for your intervention in this matter. As you will appreciate, this matter needs to be handled urgently and transparently as it concerns public assets and your intervention will ensure that this will be achieved,” said Bango in the letter.

Chiyangwa, a former Rhodesian police officer turned businessman and Chombo are accused of illegally grabbing vast tracts of prime land from Harare City Council using their influence. Chiyangwa claims to be related to President Robert Mugabe while Chombo is said to have used his influence as the minister responsible for municipal authorities.