Zimbabwe Political Leaders Denounce Homosexuality

In speeches to mark International Women’s Day celebrations, President Mugabe was quoted by the state owned Herald as saying the issue of “gay rights” was not even debatable.

“I want to see how they will procreate. If they manage, then I will admit that I do not know,” President Mugabe said. “It is just madness. Insanity, ” urging Zimbabwean women to fight the practise.

President Mugabe said the sanctity of a family revolved around a father, a mother and children. “If you are doing that (engaging in homosexuality) you are destroying nationhood,” he said.

President Mugabe has previously described homosexuals as “worse than dogs and pigs”.

According to The Herald, Tsvangirai said in the vernacular Shona that he agreed with the President, adding why would one want to marry another man when there is a shortage of men to go around women who make up 52 percent of the country’s population.
“President mataura nyaya yemagay rights, yevamwe varume vanofemera munzeve dzevamwe varume. “Bodo, apowo handibvumirane nazvo. Unogodirei kutsvaga mumwe murume yet vakadzi make up 52 percent (of the population)? Varume titori vashoma,” he said.

At the same occasion deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara was quoted by the paper saying: “Women need friends among men . . . The biggest and greatest ally for women of Zimbabwe is President Mugabe. Go to the history of the liberation struggle and see the role of RG Mugabe in terms of empowering women.”

In another incident, Tsvangirai was also quoted denouncing illegal sanctions imposed by the Western world on Zimbabwe. Tsvangirai said this when he met visiting Norwegian State Secretary Ms Gry Larsen when she paid a courtesy call on him at his offices.

The mediator in the Zimbabwe political crisis, South African President Jacob Zuma has said sanctions are undermining the inclusive government of Zimbabwe. However his efforts to convince Britain to remove sanctions during his recent visit there failed. Britain together with USA and the European Union have extended sanctions until Zimbabwe stop human rights abuses and restores rule of law among other things.

Meanwhile interparty talks are continuing in Harare as the deadline set up by Zuma to agree to all outstanding issues approaches. Zuma said all issues should be agreed to by month-end before he reports to Southern African Development Community (SADC). Finance Minister Tendai Biti who survived a serious car accident this week has been discharged from hospital and is also participating in the talks.