Zimbabwe Pressure Group Plans Xenophobic Attacks

The group said the Nigerians were running business operations which should be run by black Zimbabweans and therefore they should be forced to leave to allow locals to enjoy the privilege.

The AAG Harare regional president, Charles Nyachowa, told reporters in Harare the radical group would ensure foreigners, especially Nigerians, move out of their businesses and allow locals to own and run them.

Nyachowa said they have already approached government and presented their position with regards to the mushrooming of businesses run by Nigerians in Harare and other cities and towns.

He said the group will also deal decisively with Zimbabweans that connive with the foreigners to frustrate their efforts.

“The Nigerians are using Zimbabweans as fronts because if these businesses are registered in the names of Zimbabweans but yet they are run by Nigerians,” Nyachowa said.

He said Zimbabweans were actually forcing their daughters and sisters to marry Nigerians in return for cash and other favours.

Lately Nigerian nationals and those from other West African countries such as Senegal and Guinea have flooded Zimbabwe’s major cities and towns running business ventures ranging from clothing retail, electrical shops and selling cell phone gadgets and accessories.

Nyachowa said such businesses should be owned and run by disadvantaged black Zimbabweans instead of foreigners.

He said foreigners should bring machines to manufacture goods and sophicicated technical expertise into the country.

Nyachowa was speaking at press conference called by the AAG to announce its support for the new Act that compels foreign owned companies to cede a 51 percent shareholding to black Zimbabweans.

The AAG secretary general, Tafadzwa Musarara, said the group would move door-to-door to check whether companies are complying with the new laws.

He said his group will deal with any company that fails to comply with the provision of the Indigenization and Economic Empowerment Act.

Controversial fitness trainer, Temba Mliswa, the AAG vice-president also attended the press conference urging Zimbabweans to embrace the new Act saying it was “meant to empower” every Zimbabwean.