Zimbabwe Secret State Agent Missing After Denouncing Mugabe

Innocent Makamure recently confessed to villagers and apologized for victimizing them during and after the 2008 elections. He was part of hit men who were based at Gaza business center here.

A family spokesperson, who declined to be named for security reasons, told Radio VOP that Makamure’s whereabouts were unknown since he made the bold decision to bite the hand which used to feed him.

“He never came back after he went to the beer hall, it is now close to a week while he is AWOL. His phone is switched off; we think something bad has happened to him. We have made a police report,” said the relative.

Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Philip Makomeke confirmed having received such a report, but said he was booked under the missing persons list. He refused to talk more about the issue.

“I believe he has been abducted or even killed by now. We were seeing strange faces near our house days after he made the confession,” he said.

Makamure had said to villagers; “I was used for peanuts; I did not gain anything in my life by beating people. I violently campaigned for
President Mugabe towards the June run-off elections,” he said in a public apology to the villagers.

“All I know is that I was used and I am no longer interested in such activities again.”

Recently some war veterans in Mutoko and Murewha also said they were tired of being used by Mugabe and were seeking to break free but feared for their lives. Some of the war veterans have since had their pensions and other benefits withdrawn.