Zimbabwe soccer coaches’ boss Nyoni batters Zifa.

Nyoni said those at the top of the game and in particular those in the Zifa Board were more interested in their personal gains and improving their image rather than the interest of the game.

The Zimbabwe coaches’ boss who was secretary general of the coaches’ body in 2004 said the constitution had been amended four times since that year arguing that the changes were all meant to foster the interests of those elected to take charge of the Zimbabwean football federation.

“When they are elected into the Zifa Board office, they think they have the best brains than anybody else and make decisions without consulting. They even forget that they were elected by the Zifa Assembly,” said Nyoni.

Nyoni was appearing before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Sport which also sought oral evidence on Soccer Administration and the Asiagate Scandal from Zifa which was represented by vice chairman Ndumiso Gumede and Chief Executive Officer, Jonathan Mashingaidze as well as the Premier Soccer League which had Chief Executive Officer, Kennedy Ndebele in attendance.

Nyoni was straight to the point telling the Parliamentary Committee that the Zimbabwe Soccer Coaches did not have any input in the appointment of national coaches saying this was being done by one or two individuals in the Zifa Board. He added that their suggestion to have a Technical Committee made up of highly experienced coaches set up had been shot down on several occasions.

Although he said they had on a number of occasions forwarded the issue of a Technical Committee to the Zifa Assembly agenda on constitutional amendments, the issue had not been debated as those at the top had removed it before the Assembly’s meeting.

“We are still waiting and we will continue to push for that. We cannot have a situation of having one or two people without technical knowledge decide on which coach to appoint to handle the national team.  We need a technical committee of highly experienced coaches to make that decision,’ said Nyoni.

On the Asiagate scandal, Nyoni said Zifa erred in appointing themselves to investigate the matter adding that the Zifa Board was not qualified to handle such an investigation. He suggested that a Commission of Inquiry should in fact have been set up to look into the matter.

Gumede along with board members, Elliot Kasu, Benedict Moyo, and Fungayi Chikuri were in charge of the investigation that had so far led to the suspension from national team duty of close to 100 players and national coaches, Norman Mapeza and Joey Antipas.

The Asiagate case is in the hands of the Zifa Ethics Committee which Gumede told the Parliamentary Committee is 90 percent through in finishing its work. Gumede revealed that they had also looked at the possible punishment of the suspended players. He said some of them may only get away with a warning should the investigations be finished.

Ndebele agreed with Nyoni that there had been so many constitutional amendments going on in the Zifa constitution saying the Sport and Recreation Commission should act. Zifa did not have the opportunity to respond to Nyoni’s assertions as the national football federation had met the Parliamentary Committee earlier.
The acting chairman of the Parliamentary Committee, David Chimhini said they were worried with the delay in the conclusion of the Asiagate scandal and told Gumede that they wanted the issue resolved now.