Zimbabwe Student Leader Suspended

 Masaraure a final year student at the Midlands State University was served with a suspension letter dated 8 March 2010.  Surprisingly barely a month after firebrand student leader had been reinstated at the university after serving a one year suspension. He was first suspended in February last year after leading a series of demonstrations during the National Campaign Against the Dollarization of Education (NACADEZ) campaign.

According to Zinasu spokersperson Kudakwashe Chakabva, Masaraure was suspended for breaching Ordinance NO.2 of 2000. (The Rules of students and discipline Ordinance 2 of 2000).Allegations are that he is “the ring leader of a group which calls itself the Orange Revolution. On Tuesday 4 March 2010, this group printed and distributed posters and on Friday 5 March 2010, the group printed and distributed to other students posters inciting them to demonstrate against what you called satanic fees, unpalatable plate of sadza and astronomical rentals” reads the suspension letter. Such is background that the Midlands State University administration decided to encroach upon and strangle Masaraure academic freedom.

The Zimbabwe National Students Union condemns with all the contempt it deserves this despicable act by the Midlands State University. It is a desperate attempt to by a few recidivists saddled with the idea of decimating the students union.

 Masaraure is the Vice President of ZINASU not a ringleader of any other group as they claim, we believe that is the reason why he was persecuted .The charges leveled against the Vice President do not in any way provides reasonable grounds to threaten anyone or any institution, but they are just an empty manifestation of a profound resentment of the student’s right to representation.