Zimbabwe Tennis Player Missing In Cairo

Ndlela is the first reported high profile Zimbabwean missing in Cairo.

Ndlela is among the 18 000 passengers stranded at Cairo in their bid to leave the country. Reports said that policemen are being bribed by passengers so that they can board planes. Several countries have made contingent plans to evacuate their citizens but they has been nothing for Zimbabweans.

Daniel Ndlela, the top tennis player’s father, told Radio VOP that a family friend who had been monitoring him by telephone from his home had lost contact with Mlandeli.

“I have received an email from my friend in Cairo saying that they have lost contact
with Mlandeli and I am now worried,” he said.

Mlandeli arrived in Cairo on Thursday for the International Tennis Federation’s Future tournament. He was the countrys’ sole representative at the prestigious which was called on Thursday owing to the political unrests.