Zimbabwe Villagers Refuse To Give Way To Regional Game Park

Creation of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier park brings together three game parks of the three countries to create one big common park. The project has stalled over the years due to recurrent problems on the Zimbabwe side. At least 1000 families of the Chitsa clan illegally staying in Gonarezhou National Park, have vowed to stay put in the mega-park demanding compensation first from Zanu PF for broken promises.
The families, who have been staying in  Gonarezhou for the past three years, have accused Zanu PF of abusing them for political gain after initially allowing them to stay in the park before the 2008 harmonised polls only to shift goalposts afterwards.
Chief Chitsa, Andrew Hahlani, told  Radio VOP that Zanu PF through the then party’s National Chairman John Nkomo visited them at the park in 2007 and assured them that government  not going to remove them from their ancestral land.
He charged that now that elections were over Zanu PF no longer cared about them.
”John Nkomo came to three years ago and told us that we were not going to be moved but now they are efforts to relocate us. We will not move unless we get compensation from Zanu PF otherwise they are wasting their time. They assured us that we will stay in the park for good now that elections are over they want to chase us just like that,”fumed Chief Chitsa.
Contacted for comment Masvingo Governor Titus Maluleke said the Chitsa families were going to be relocated only when the right time comes.
”We will only resettle them when we see it fit, what has their  relocation got to do with you?, that talk of compensation is utter rubish,”said Maluleke.