Zimbabwe Villagers Stage Sit-In As Hunger Bites

The villagers-who were singing songs denigrating the inclusive government staged a six hour sit at the GMB depot before marching to the District Administrator’s office where they handed over a petition demanding urgent food relief or else they would take unspecified action.
At least 90 000 people in Zaka are in need of urgent food aid as most of their crops were written off following a prolonged dry spell and non governmental organisations had been providing food assistance to the villagers since the beginning of the year.
Some of the villagers who staged a sit-in at the GMB depot blasted the inlcusive government for prioritising what they called petty issues when the majority of people we er starving.
Others blasted President Robert  Mugabe for wanting to cling to power yet he was not able to feed starving villagers who were always saved by non governmental organisations.
”We want to make it clear to the inclusive government especially Mugabe that we are fed up he is busy prevaricating on implementing the GPA fully so that we get food relief from foreign donors but he has failed to give us any assistance we are starving with our families here and that message should be loud and clear to Mugabe,”said Rainos Panganai from Rudhanda village in the area.
GMB officials at the depot refused to comment and referred all questions to their head office in Harare.
Zaka district administrator Nyasha Zindove said there was urgent need for food relief in  Zaka to avert starvation.
”Indeed we need food aid as of yesterday as at least 100 000 villagers are vulnerable but I am not aware that there are people who staged a sit-in I am still on holiday get in touch with me after the Easter holiday,”said Zindove.
Some of the villagers who staged a sit in vowed to continue until they get food relief.