Zimbabwe Warriors Need Fresh Inspiration

Zimbabwe Warriors comprehensive 3-0 humiliation at the hands of an experimental South African side speaks volumes of the depths of how low the Zimbabwean game has sunk.

While Bafana Bafana did not field all their foreign based players Zimbabwe fielded the best Warriors side available and the loss by such a scoreline as 3-0 does not make Zimbabwe any different from a Swaziland side that was spanked 6-2 by South Africa.

As we reflect on the Warriors destruction in South Africa it is also important to look forward to the future and ask what that future holds for Zimbabwean football.

While it is fair to criticise the Warriors pathetic show against South Africa and their failure to qualify for the Nations Cup, it is also important to look at whether the team has been getting the support that guarantees success from those running the game.

As for the South African game the Warriors had only one day of training while those at the top of the game spent most of their time on election politicking.

It is unfortunate that in Zimbabwean football, most of the time is spent on who is in Zifa or who shall be in Zifa instead of who is coaching the Warriors or the team he is coaching.

If there was an administration that cared much about the future of the Warriors, there was no reason why the past and the future of the Warriors would still be hanging in the hands of one coach-Sunday Chidzambwa.

It would be dishonest to ignore the connection between Zimbabwe technical and tactical direction. That the Warriors were holding on 0-0 at halftime and then go on to lose 3-0 clearly shows that the Zimbabweans lost the game during the halftime game talk by the coach.

There was something that Bafana coach Carlos Parreira told his players which Chidzambwa failed to do.
That Chidzambwa is a good coach is not in question but that he will continue to coach the Warriors having been there since the 80s brings to the conclusion that Zimbabwe does not have football coaches.

For how long shall we continue to believe that the future of the Warriors lies in the hands of one coach and the same old players who have the failed the now and then. When is Zimbabwean football going to learn from the experience of Ghana whose under 20 side sailed through to the semi finals of the African Cup of Nations.

Yet in Zimbabwe we still believe that Esrom Nyandoro, Zvenika Makonese, Tapuwa Kapini, Thomas Svesve and others will take us to the promised land.

The past four years have not been mild and honey for Zimbabwean football. The Warriors failed to qualify for both the 2008 and 2010 African Cup of Nations. With the Zifa elections coming in March it is time to lay the foundation for future generations by bringing into office new brooms. Perhaps in that way fresh inspiration will also come to the Warriors.