Zimbabwe White Farmer Murdered

“He (Zietmann) was murdered this morning, his wife was badly beaten and as we speak at the moment she is on her way to hospital,” Deon Theron, the former CFU president said on Friday. “He must have been definately murdered because her wife was badly beaten,” he added.

Zietmann murder comes almost a year after a Chegutu farmer, Kobus Joubert was murdered by robbers at his farm in the small farming town. The robbers took got away with $10 000 in cash, two pistols and other valuables.

Most Zimbabwe white commercial farmers who used to number more than 4 500 were kicked out from their farms by President Robert Mugabe government and Zanu PF party early 2000 to resettle landless blacks.

A number of the white farmers who were resisting being moved from their properties were murdered in cold blood. The Commercial Farmers union has been saying their members have been receiving threats from some top Zanu PF officials.

The controversial land reforms by Mugabe and his Zanu PF officials has been criticised as most of the beneficiaries are failing to utilise the land that they grabbed from the white farmers. The country used to be a net exporter of food but now it imports most of its food requirements that include maize, wheat and cooking oil.