Zimbabwean Coaches Under Pressure For Licenses

This follows stringent rules by the Botswana Football Federation who are insisting on Caf C Licence for foreign coaches.

Zimbabwe Soccer Coaches Association chairman Bekimplilo Nyoni said he had heard of the new rule in Botswana but added it was a matter between the foreign coaches and Botswana’s football controlling body.

The directive from the Botswana football body did not apply to Zimbabwean coaches only but to all foreign coaches working in that country although Zimbabwean coaches were in the majority.

As a result four top Zimbabwean coaches working in Botswana, Rahman Gumbo, Max Malume Moyo, Willard Mashinkila Khumalo, and Luke Masomere have all enrolled for a Caf C Licence that started in Harare and will be running for the next two weeks.

Gumbo only holds a Level Two qualification which does not qualify him to coach a Premier Soccer League club in Zimbabwe but a second division team. He has however, been very successful in his coaching career winning three successive league titles with Highlanders before going to Malawi and Botswana where he also won those countries’ league championships.

According to a new rule enacted by the Zimbabwe Soccer Coaches only holders of a Level Four qualification will be allowed to handle a Premier Soccer League club starting from next season. Although this decision was being considered as harsh by some critics, others said they felt the soccer coaches’ body was moving with the times.

A level Four qualification is below the Caf C Licence that the Botswana Football Federation is demanding from all foreign coaches. The Caf C Licence is recognised in all the countries on the continent.

Nyoni confirmed that Gumbo and other local coaches based in Botswana had enrolled for the Caf C Licence course that was going on in Harare.