Zimbabwean Dad Jailed For 28 Years For Strangling His Kids

Petros Williams, 37, of Manchester, deliberately chose internet connection cords to punish his wife when she used dating websites following their marriage breakdown.

He also made a video of his four-year-old daughter Yolanda and two-year-old son Theo in which he told them to face the camera and say ”we will miss you mummy”.

A jury at Manchester Crown Court found Williams guilty of both murders after just 90 minutes of deliberation.

The Zimbabwean had denied the charges in his five-day trial as he suggested his wife, Morongoe Molemohi, 30, carried out the killings last October.

Passing sentence, Mr Justice Kenneth Parker told him: “There is no doubt that you intended to kill them. It is hard to conceive any more shocking crime than a parent deliberately taking the life of his or her child.

“We saw from the video that Yolanda and Theo were happy children, full of love and laughter, with a whole lifetime ahead of them and, above all, absolute trust in their father who, for entirely selfish purposes, would end their brief lives.

“You remain in denial. You have simply refused to come to terms with the enormity of your deeds. You have shown not an ounce of remorse in this court. Your pity has been exclusively reserved for yourself.” Telegraph.co.uk