Zimbabwean in Tripoli Crash Was Headed For London

Information released to the Sunday Times shows that the Zimbabwean hails frorm Kwekwe town in the Midlands province of Zimbabwe

Government sources said although the identity was yet to be confirmed, six family members, suspected to have relations to the now deceased had traveled to Libya to confirm his identity.

Government sources said the victim was reportedly in Zimbabwe on a short holiday. He is said to have come home to facilitate the clearance of a vehicle that he had bought from Japan.

Said a highly-placed source: “We now have information that the deceased hails from Kwekwe. The victim works and is based in London.

“He was at home to facilitate the clearance of his car that he purchased in Japan,” said the source.

It is alleged that on his way back, the victim sought to use a cheaper plane, thus booking with Afriqiyah Airways which crashed near Libya.

“Information at hand shows that he boarded the plane because it was relatively cheap. This was a connecting flight from South Africa and the victim was expected to be in London by today where he was expected to start work,” another source said.

Afriqiyah Airways, together with the Libyan Embassy in Zimbabwe have said they will assist in covering the expenses of the deceased’s burial.

In a statement, Afriqiyah Airways said: “Afriqiyah Airways lost flight U8 771 during landing. The flight from Johannesburg to Tripoli was carrying 93 passengers and 11 crew members. The airline confirmed the death of 103 passengers on board of the flight. Only one passenger, a Dutch child, survived the tragic accident.

“Afriqiyah Airways is now able to give an update and confirm the nationalities of the passengers who were on board the ill-fated flight U8 771.”

The airline said the passengers on the flight included 67 Dutch, 13 South African, 2 Libyan, 2 Austrian, 1 German, and 1 Zimbabwean national. Others included 1 French, 1 British, 4 Belgians, and 11 Crew members, all Libyan nationals. The other person’s identity and nationality is yet to be established.  Times Live