Zimbabwean Man Kills Girlfriend For Using Birth Control

Rooiberg police spokesman Inspector Enock Mudzili said the man beat his 31-year-old girlfriend at their house in Kromdraai in Limpopo for more than eight hours using sticks and cables.

Mudzili said the two went to a clinic on Wednesday, where he learnt that she was on birth control medication. This apparently upset him and caused an argument between them.

He started beating her at 08:00 on Thursday, using wooden sticks and an electrical cable.

“The beating went on until 16:00 when the woman fainted and he dragged her into the house and fetched fire wood which he also used to further assault her,” said Mudzili.

He then locked her and a friend in the house, telling the friend that he was going to buy airtime.

“He threatened the friend that he will kill her if she leaves,” said Mudzili.

The girlfriend subsequently died in the house from her injuries.

“The [other] woman remained there till it was dark and she went and slept in the bush.”

The following morning she alerted the suspect’s co-worker who, with the help of friends, contacted the police.

The suspect fled the scene and police suspect that he might be hiding at either his brother in Rustenburg or a friend in Polokwane.

The police appealed to anybody who might know where the suspect is to contact Inspector Maluleka at 082 414 2404.  SAPA