Zimbabwean Woman Had Put Up Unborn Baby For Sale

According to the Budapest report website, the case was discovered following a week of investigations by South African investigators as the country tightens security ahead of the FIFA World Cup games to be held for a month from June 11.

The investigators uncovered child trafficking circles in the impoverished central business district (CBD) of greater Johannesburg. They discovered that a 19-year-old Zimbabwean lady was prepared to sell her unborn baby to child traders in the CBD for as little as R 30 000 (about three months’ salary of an average skilled artisan).

A week earlier South African President Jacob Zuma called parents and guardians to take extra precautions against child abusers during the 2010 FIFA Football World Cup.

Earlier police had announced that perpetrators in South Africa were renting out infants and toddlers to illegal aliens (arriving predominantly from Zimbabwe).

Police said that beggars at street traffic lights used the children to gain increased sympathy from motorists, generating up to R 500 per day.

The children were either drugged or made to consume alcohol in order to knock them out while their pseudo-parents tie them onto their backs with a large blanket, as is customary among women in sub-Saharan Africa.