Zimbabweans Call For Maneta's Head After Roki's Feud

Maneta has been motor-mouthing negatively about the Chidzoka star calling him a spider and telling housemates about his several children and his penchant for women who “he impregnates at will.”

Roki, who has been fancying a relationship with the feisty but beautiful Maneta, called her spoil and stupid in a heated exchange that has seen Zimbabwean siding with the highly entertaining musician.

It looks like Maneta and Roki are extremely fed up with each other, as the fight didn’t even start over something serious. Roki said something to which Maneta replied “stop gossiping about people.”

“You think my people are acting stupid,” replied Roki. “You are stupid. Stop bad-mouthing us.” Roki was referring to his fellow Zimbabweans. He said that Maneta doesn’t say nice stuff about them. The fight turned into a he-said-she-said argument, with the two accusing each other of talking about other people.

Roki nominated Maneta in a move the country seems to be supporting but Maneta told housemates that that the only reason she didn’t nominate Roki is because he’s from Zimbabwe. “I didn’t nominate him because he’s from my country. That’s the only reason. I am very patriotic. I hate Roki but I’m supporting my country.”

On the social networks like Twitter and Face book Maneta’s name was trending.

Mable Tsambani wrote on Maneta’s fan page: “The way Maneta dissed Rocki wasn’t cool, Roki was happy to have her in the house as his countrymen but she went on further to pull out things that Africa didn’t have to know….if she was intelligent enough she was going keep it cool with Roki and show us she is mature….not nominating Roki is nothing if she thought that was going pull her votes because Africa knows why she did it and it’s not going to work……”

Connie Zimbo simply said of Maneta: “She can go hang!”

Some choose to be patriotic asking for Zimbabwe not to rally behind her and put “Zimbabwe first before emotions.”

A 3mob blogger wrote: “…let’s face it though, Roki is not a really a poster boy for everything positive about Zimbabwe. The dude can sing and he can dance and he is a nice boy but in reality Maneta is reacting the way a lot of women back home react towards him. A lot of girls wouldn’t want him to touch them given his rep. She is reacting like one of those women and funny enough, those women are judging her.”