Zimbabweans Ignore Local Soccer Matches For World Cup

Most of the stadiums were empty while crowd pullers Dynamos could only manage a paltry crowd of around 3000 people in their match against Bantu Rovers compared to the 20 000 they normally draw when playing at home.

The results have been a financial disaster for the clubs as they are now counting the costs of how to pay the debts accrued from the matches.

Monomotapa secretary David Makombe questioned the logic of arranging a game betweeen CAPS United and Hwange as well as Monomotapa and Gunners when Argentina were playing Nigeria’s Super Eagles on the same afternoon.

Makombe said under such circumstances fans would obvioulsy choose to watch the World Cup game than the domestic tie.

Makome suggested that the PSL should shift their time table for the matches to be played earlier or postpone all the matches altogether until the World Cup is over.

An official from a top PSL club, who declined to be identified, said it was unprofitable to continue with these games as long as the World Cup was in swing as the world fetival was a counter attraction.

The official also echoed Makombe’s sentiments saying that for the meantime it was important that domestic football was shelved for the better of both tjhe clubs and the fans.

What is surprising according to Makombe is that the PSL had earlier informed the clubs that the league would go on break for the whole duration of the tournament.

PSL fixtures secretary Musatye Gwasira responded saying a lot of things had come in between since the announcement to cancel the games was made forcing them to continue with the programme.

Because of this, Gwasira said, they were running against time to ensure that the league programme ended as planned in November.

Gwasira could not be drawn into revealing what these developments were though information at hand has suggested that the league has been promised sponsorship for a knockout tournament by a local company Zimplats.

Ironically Gwasira himself is the majority shareholder of Premiership club Lengthens who also suffered heavy financial losses in their match against Shabanie Mine which they lost 2-0.