Zimbabweans In SA Threaten To Shut Down Embassies

Cape Town – Zimbabwean citizens in three major South African cities have threatened to shut down embassies if long-time ruler President Robert Mugabe does not step down.

Reports indicated that the Zimbabwean embassies in Cape Town, Pretoria and Johannesburg came to a standstill as angry protesters handed over their list of demands.

According to social media reports under the hashtag #Tajamuka, which was trending in South Africa on Thursday, the Zimbabwean nationals were joined by a number of South African citizens.


A Cape Town University student Qiniso Qiniso Van Damme told News24 that it was essential for Africans to unite during challenging times.

A video posted to Twitter showed a woman shouting: “We want to go back home.”

“We want to go back home” so much pain in her voice 

Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports suggested that a similar call had been made in Canada. 

In a Facebook post, the organisers said they were planning to have a sit-in protest at the Vancouver Arts Gallery. 

The development came as the calls for a second round of shutdowns in Zimbabwe went unheeded on Wednesday and Thursday.

The southern African country has in recent weeks been hit by a wave of protests, as Zimbabweans demanded that the government act on the ongoing economic hardships.