Zimbabweans Must Find Time To Smile – Minister

He told journalists at a recent press conference in Harare: “Zimbabweans are too serious. When the last time you smiled or laughed? Today I want all of you to laugh until you cry. You are all too serious and sometimes even do not greet each other when you pass each other in town.

 “Where have our manners and culture gone? This is a shame for us all.”

 Nhema is among the few Cabinet Ministers in Zimbabwe who do not move around with a security guard or even a driver because, he says, “I am very safe here because I am a Zimbabwean too”.

In a lighthearted mood, the  Minister ordered Father Fidelis Mukonori and prominent businessman and Zanu (PF) MP, Paddy Zhanda to dance to  “Porongi” a popular song in Zimbabwe.

“Please Father Mukonori can you come up here,” Nhema told a  hushed crowd of more than 400 gathered for the national Fire Week Launch in Goromonzi about 35 km outside Harare.

“Please can MP Paddy Zhanda also come up here. Today you are going to entertain us. I want both of you to dance. DJ please can you play them “Porongi” and the crowd will judge who is the best dance.”

Father Mukonoro then took off his glasses and got ready while Zhanda smiled and waved to the excited crowd.

Nhema was launching the National Fire Week when he decided to turn the event into a “Fun Day” for everyone including school children who were given T Shirts and books for their libraries.

“Now I want the teachers gathered here to also come up and stand,” Nhema said after the two had boogied.  “I want you all to dance until you feet hurt. I am not
joking and you can begin now. DJ play them something from your collection.”

The event was organised by the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) and the Ministry of the Environment and National Development.