Zimbabweans Stranded As Refugee Camp Finally Closes

The camp was established on a rugby field in the town at the end of last year, after thousands of Zimbabweans were left displaced during xenophobic violence.

Bredell told SABC News that about 350 refugees were still living at the site. Bredell said the camp’s closure was delayed for months by a local Non Govermental Organisation urging people not to move.

“We got a team there busy working with the community to reintegrate the people were it is possible. That is where we stand at this stage, nobody will be paid to leave the camp,” says Bredell. “We don’t have a budget for that, and the UNHCR also said they don’t have money to pay, because the people do earn a salary or wage and they must make a plan,” he added. 

Meanwhile, Braam Hanekom from the NGO PASSOP, said people were being forced out of the camps against their will. He said authorities were barring them access to the camp. SABC News