Zimbabweans To Pay More for Satellite TV

MultiChoice Zimbabwe the purveyors of digital satellite television in Zimbabwe and the rest of Africa announced this week that monthly charges will go up by $3 across all the bouquets on offer.

“MultiChoice advises that from April 2012 the price of your subscription will increase by $3. Thank you for your continued support,” the company announced in a terse message sent by e-mail and via television screen messages.

Many people in Zimbabwe no longer watch the state owned Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC), the sole country’s television station since independence in 1980.

According to the last media survey done by an independent advertising company, 27 percent of Zimbabweans now watch satellite television.

Several houses in both urban and rural areas of the country are land marked with satellite dishes, a sign of their preferred viewing choices.

Many Zimbabwean households watch digital television paying millions of dollars every month to get quality viewing.

A full DSTV banquet costs $72 including bank charges which means with the increase in charges it will go up to $75 a month. It also has several other budget banquets.

Meanwhile the Zimbabwe Broadcasting corporation (ZBC) is struggling to get Zimbabweans to pay its radio and television licenses. It is now going for the soft targets by deploying its license inspectors at roadblocks and busy shopping centres where the license inspectors can easily pounce on motorists.