Zimbabwe's Aids Fund Grows But Still Insufficient

In its latest annual report the NAC said revenue from the Aids Levy only accounted for 35 percent of needs, meaning Zimbabwe still required high levels of international support from traditional partners such as the Global Fund to mitigate against effects of HIV/Aids.

The NAC is a statutory body mandated with collecting the Aids Levy, which should be used to fund various programmes in response to HIV/Aids.

Zimbabwe with an estimated population of about 12 million people has nearly 2 million people living with HIV and AIDS.

Individuals and companies are required under the law to pay three percent of their income and corporate tax towards the Aids Levy.

The NAC said it would not carry out spending assessments for 2008 because the Zimbabwe dollar had become so worthless that it was almost impossible to account.

It said work on the National Aids Standing Assessment (NASA) 2009 report would begin soon.

NASA tracks spending patterns on HIV/Aids by the government, bilateral partners, multi-lateral agencies and private funders.

The 2006 and 2007 reports showed that international partners, particularly the United States and Britain, remained Zimbabwe’s largest funders of HIV programmes.