Zimbabwe’s GNU hits another deadlock over CIOs

A report compiled and signed by all the six negotiators from Zimbabwe African National Union, Zanu (PF) and the two MDC factions following the May 5, 2011 inter-party talks in Cape Town, South Africa established.

“A serious dispute arose at the workshop regarding the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO). The MDC formations claim that the CIO, which is administered through the Office of the President, is not covered by any legislative framework,” reads the report, a copy which is in possession of RadioVop.

In an apparent plan to buy time over the matter, Zanu (PF) declared a deadlock forcing the postponement of the matter to a future date, arguing they would want to go and consult over the issue.

The report further reads, “Zanu (PF) indicated that there are two traditions relating to this matter. The one as advocated by the two MDC formations is for regulation under an Act of Parliament and the second is to constitute the Intelligence Services, as is currently the position in Zimbabwe, under Administrative Action.

Zanu (PF) believes that this tradition is copied from British convention. Zanu (PF) negotiators indicated that they are not fully acquainted with the merits and demerits of either tradition and would want to consult further on the matter.”

The report, set to be presented to a SADC troika summit next weekend, was confirmed by the negotiators as an accurate account of what transpired in the South African port city in the presence of South African facilitators Charles Nqakula and Lindiwe Zulu last Thursday.

The MDC formations are agitated by the unprofessional and partisan manner in which the CIO are operating.

The MDC claims over 200 of its supporters were killed in State sponsored violence during the period preceding the disputed 2008 Presidential run off election with the country dreaded spy agency taking a very active role.