Zimbabwe's Leaders To Discipline Charamba

Addressing a press conference in Harare Wednesday, the Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s office, Gorden Moyo said Charamba, an outstanding issue in the Global Political Agreement (GPA), had recklessly attacked Tsvangirai in the state controlled Herald newspaper claiming the Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (BIPPA) he recently signed with South Korea was null and void.

In the Herald, Charamba said Tsvangirai had no constitutional right to sign such agreements as this was the prerogative of the president.

But Moyo, dismissed Charamba’s assertions saying actually the signing was done following proper procedures.

“We have seen a pattern which is going on here where Charamba is going on and on in demeaning the office of the Prime Minister. It is a clear act of indiscipline and urgent action is going to be taken. This will be treated as an urgent matter by the principals,” said Moyo.

He said Charamba seemed not to understand how the Bippa worked contrary to what he said in the Herald.

“The Bippa was prepared by the two countries in accordance with local laws and protocols. The agreement was drafted by the office of Zimbabwe’s Attorney General and reviewed and approved by the Cabinet Committee on Legislation.

“The Minister of Economic Planning and Investments has constitutional responsibility of signing such agreements on behalf of the government of Zimbabwe. In the case of the BIPPA with South Korea, Minister Mangoma was unable to travel with the Prime Minister and thus officially conveyed his power of attorney and hence this responsibility to Minister of Science and Technology, Heneri Dzinotyiwei.

“The story carried on the front page of The Herald today concerning the above agreement is a fabrication and blatant attempt to undermine the office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Zimbabwe.

“The remarks in that article attributed to the permanent secretary of Media, Information and Publicity, George Charamba are not only false but do not represent the government position and thus violate the ethics of the civil service of this inclusive government,” said Moyo.

The principals are expected to discuss Charamba’s issue at their meeting on Monday.

Charamba is one of the outstanding issues in the GPA for his refusal to reform and his continued use of state media to attack rivals.

Besides being the permanent secretary Charamba doubles up as the foul mouthed spokesperson for Mugabe and is known to be virtually running the Herald and ZBC like extensions of his department.

At the Herald, he is referred to as the Editor-in-Chief as no political story is allowed to be published without his clearance. Two weeks ago he caused tremors at Herald House when he threatened to fire business editor, Victoria Ruzvidzo for writing a “positive story” about Tsvangirai BIPPA agreement with South Korea.

Charamba reportedly said it was treacherous for Ruzvidzo to write anything positive about Tsvangirai and was ordered never to do it again.