Zimbabwe's Minister Forced To Abandon Husband's Estate

Her husband, the late Dr Mushonga was attacked by unknown assailants last year and subsequently died from those injuries on August 15, 2009.

“I have instructed my lawyer as of today Mrs. Beatrice Mtetwa to formally inform the Master of High court that I will relinquish all the properties in dispute as defined in the last will and testament of the late Dr Christopher Mushonga,” she told journalists on Tuesday.

“In this instance I will not pursue this principle and put the lives of innocent  people at risk, rather I would prefer to become another statistic  of a victim of a society that unfortunately has failed not only protect me, but to provide protection to the majority of widows that must face this abuse every day. I hope this decision I have taken will give closure to the debate and discussion over my husband’s estate whose legacy should be that of a loving husband and a grate orthopedic surgeon whose contribution to this country goes beyond a house and a few dollars,”Misihairabwi-Mushonga said.

She said she had instructed Mtetwa to inform the Master of the High Court that she surrenders Number 2 Crackly Lane and Number 87 Fife Avenue and Apartment 313 Northworld.

Number 2 Crackly Lane, her matrimonial home, would be handed over to the Mushonga family. She said she would vacate the property in the last week of June, 2010 while she would also vacate Number 87 Fife Avenue on the same day.  Apartment Number 313 Northworld would be ceded to “one of the disadvantaged Mushonga children” Ndambi Mushonga, who will share it equally with Tamara Mushonga, a grand child of the late surgeon.

The rights to all the funds in the local joint accounts and foreign currency accounts in Jersey, England, given to her by her late husband would be ceded to the Mushonga Family. However, the minister said she would retain a Toyota Land Cruiser she said was purchased with her own funds.

“I have also instructed my lawyer to provide the Mushonga family documentation pertaining to the ownership of vehicles they may incorrectly believe to belong to Dr Christopher Mushonga,” she said, adding that for the avoidance of doubt she had in her possession five

She said she would surrender a Mercedes Benz AA02293 registered in the name of her late husband and given in the Will to his son Munemo Mushonga. The vehicle, said the minister, would be left at Number 2 Crackly Lane.

The minister said the involvement of the state security agents had forced her to arrive at the decision of abandoning her fight to lay claim to her late husband’s inheritance.

She said last week her relatives in Highfield were harassed by state security agents acting on orders from his late husband’s relatives who were accusing her of having tempered with the late Mushonga’s original will.

She then had an urgent meeting with police commissioner General Augustine Chihuri who ordered the police to stop interfering with civil issues.

Mushonga’s estate had been surrounded by court battles with the Master of the High Court intervening last year and ruling that the last Will written by the late orthopedic surgeon overrode an earlier one, which the children suspected to have been flawed.

This was after two Wills had been presented, one written by the couple in October 2005 and the other by Mushonga alone in October 2008.

The nine children fighting the Will are, Munemo, Tawengwa, Sekai, Nyarai, Ndambi, Musodzi, Pfumojena, Takudzwa and Hazviperi Oprah as well as their uncle Zacharias Mushonga.

The children wanted to be awarded the house arguing their father had stated this in his last Will, while Misihairabwi-Mushonga wanted it on the basis that it was her matrimonial home.