Zimbabwe's Oppressed Musicians To Celebrate Music Freedom Day

Freemuse is an independent international organisation which advocates freedom of expression for musicians and composers worldwide.

The day is coming at a time Zanu (PF) has saturated the airwaves with its jingles that most complain are filled with hate language.

Raymond Majongwe, whose protest music was banned by the sole broadcaster ZTV and radio have said: “Music needs to be respected and this is a great day for all musicians around the world. We need to respect it.”

Another musician Paul Madzore who is also a an MDC-T MP said: “There is talk that musicians might come up with a concert. It is still being planned. I think we can arrange something. This day is a special day.”

Zimbabwe has musicians like Thomas Mapfumo, Leornard Zhakata and Maskiri whose music is banned.

Ole Reitov, Programme Manager told RadioVop from Denmark that: “Musicians and composers rights to freedom of expression are violated worldwide. Hundreds of musicians are imprisoned censored and persecuted because of their music or lyrics.

“Music Freedom Day provides an opportunity to take a thorough look at the subject – in your own language, with your own perspective and in a manner that suits you. You can organise a concert or a seminar, produce a radio feature, show a film, write an article or just dedicate a song to Music Freedom Day.”

In 2010 local organisers from Mumbai to New York presented innovative concerts. Radio broadcasters in several European countries produced special features on music censorship and in Poland, Jordan and Holland music censorship was discussed at seminars. In Zimbabwe, the state-owned television station, ZTV, refused to air the programmes while no concert was held for fear of reprisal from the police.