Zimbabwe's Own Bengazi

Although, there are no similarities with Libya’s Bengazi which saw internecine battles against Libyan veteran leader Mummer Gaddafi, a 500 meters long street in Harare’s Braeside suburb is curiously named Bengazi.

Radio VOP visited the street Wednesday morning to find out the place behind the famous name. A community of coloured people live in the street. However many of the people living in this street don’t even know the now famous Libyan city of Bengazi. Here people drink from morning till sunset. One of the houses serves as the beer hall of Bengazi Street where you can purchase intoxicating stuff of all sorts. A young resident of the street told Radio VOP that he does not know why the street was named Bengazi.

“I have read about Bengazi but i really don’t know why this street was named Bengazi. I grew up here but I haven’t bothered to find out why, I will find out,” said Thomas Jeffreys a resident of Bengazi.