Zimpapers Editor Caught Red Handed In Homosexual Act

Sources at Munhumutapa Government offices told Radio VOP that the journalist (name supplied), who works for the notorious H-Metro newspaper, was caught in the act by a Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) operative who he was sharing a room with at a Namibian hotel.

The Zimpapers journo had accompanied President Robert Mugabe during a visit to Namibia to attend a meeting of former liberation movements in Southern Africa.

A senior government official who was part of the delegation to Namibia said the incident happened at the same hotel where President Mugabe was staying.

“He (journalist) thought that his CIO room-mate had gone out for a beer drink and decided to have sex with a gay man he picked from a red light district. Unfortunately the CIO official decided to retire early for the night and received the shock of his life when he caught the two sweating it out the homosexual style,” said the official who requested anonymity.

The official said in anger, the shocked CIO operative went straight to President Mugabe and later to Media, Information and Publicity permanent secretary, George Charamba to report the incident.

“Right now this incident is the talk of Windhoek and Munhumutapa building because the news spread fast that a male Zimbabwean journalists on President Mugabe’s delegation had been caught having sex with a Namibian man,” said the government official.

Meanwhile, sources at Herald House said a crisis meeting was called at the weekend to discuss the issue.

“The situation at Herald house is tense now because the bosses are under fire for assigning a known homosexual, to cover the President,” said a senior Herald journalist.

This is not the first time that the senior Zimpapers editor has been embroiled in a homosexual scandal.

Last year, the journalist and one of his subordinates were also allegedly caught red handed engaging in homosexual acts in the newsroom at Herald House.

The two senior journalists were caught having unprotected sex  by security guards who had come to investigate strange noises coming from the newsroom at a time journalists  had knocked off.

President Mugabe is famous for bashing homosexuals who he once described as worse than dogs.